UCC Networks introduces:
  • Cisco Room Kit – The Webex Room Series is fully integrated with the Webex platform. These intelligent video collaboration systems bring your meeting rooms to life. Whether you are redesigning your conference rooms or simply adding huddle spaces, the Webex Room Series has video-conferencing solutions to meet your needs. Choose from Room Kit Pro, Room Kit Plus, or standard Room Kit. Cisco also offers a Webex Room Bar, Webex Room USB, and Webex Room Phone for conference spaces
  • Webex Board – The new Webex Board Pro and the Webex Board series let you join video-first meetings, digitally whiteboard, annotate on shared content, use go-to web apps, and wirelessly present. These intuitive devices have everything necessary for effective team collaboration at the touch of a finger. Featuring stunning Ultra HD video, dual-camera intelligence, a capacitive touchscreen, and spatial audio, the Webex Board Pro enables premium experiences in collaboration spaces of all sizes. Choose between the new Webex Board Pro either 55-inch or 75-inch model. Cisco also offers the Webex Board 55S, Webex Board 70S, and Webex Board 85S.
  • Webex Desk Pro – The Webex Desk Pro is an AI-powered collaboration device for the desk. It is purpose-built for collaboration and features a stunning 4k display, advanced cognitive collaboration capabilities like Webex Assistant and facial recognition, and creative applications like digital whiteboarding. Easily pair your device wirelessly or dock your laptop and quickly join or start your meeting with one button to push.
  • Webex Desk Camera – The Cisco Desk Camera 4K is a USB desk camera that can be connected to a personal computer over USB and mounted onto an external monitor, laptop, or tripod. It is compatible with all popular meeting or video applications and enables laptop-based video conferencing anywhere. It brings uncompromised video collaboration experience in open and huddle spaces for office users. It is also ideal for working from home users.

UCC Networks offers Try and Buy services for select Cisco hardware and software solutions. With multiple procurement options, customers can choose from any of the 3 available buying options:

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)– Cisco Webex HaaS is a subscription-based program offering customers the opportunity to get Cisco premium products for an affordable price with monthly payments. Subscription is set for 3-5-year term with 12-month extension.

Customer Premise Equipment as a Service (CPEaaS) – UCC Networks offers CPEaaS or Customer Premise Equipment amortized over a term. Customers who prefer Opex vs Capex may take advantage of simplified billing.

Upfront/Non-Recurring Charge (NRC) – Procuring hardware upfront has its advantages. Purchasing Cisco hardware as an NRC removes barriers and financing charges.

Enable a premium experience with Cisco Webex devices through UCC Networks. Bring teams together to collaborate in a connected digital workspace. Learn more about Webex Devices today.

About UCC Networks

UCC Networks is a leading provider of unified communications and contact center solutions,  tailored for business, financial, government, healthcare, retail, and international industries. Cisco certifications allow UCC Networks to offer Webex meetings, Webex calling, and Webex devices, including Cisco phones and headsets. UCC Networks also offers multiple financial options, including leasing. Contact us for more information.

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