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UCC Networks helps customers stay connected with the many applications Microsoft has to offer.

UCC Networks facilitates deployment, configuration, and management of Microsoft solutions.

UCC Networks offers multiple commercials models ranging from a block of hours per week, month, or quarter, including customizing staff augmentation options to meet customer needs.

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Configuration and administration of Microsoft 365 Tenant
Registrations, cancellations, and changes of users and passwords
Configuration and administration of Microsoft Phone System Tenant
Configuration and management of email accounts, Exchange or Exchange Online
Configuration and administration of Active Directory
Configuration and administration of Windows Server
Azure Active Directory configuration and management
Management and overflow of incidents with Microsoft
Report of monthly cases and activity

Why UCC Networks

Deploying, configuring, and managing can be cumbersome when Microsoft is a single enterprise source such as meetings, voice, device and app management, files, content, work management, threat protection, security and compliance management.

UCC Networks provides over a decade of technology experience. We align our service delivery model to the business objectives of our customers to help ensure they are realizing the value of their investment. We assist customers in achieving digital transformation, minimizing the risk of disruption and downtime.

Our adoption experts go above and beyond helping end-users with softphone features, mobile application adoption, collaboration with messaging and team spaces, voicemail configuration, including the many available settings, plus more. We pride ourselves in simplifying end-user adoption by streamlining multiple applications into a single platform.

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