Today, businesses still utilize POTS lines for inventory use, security doors, burglary lines, and other emergency lines. The increasing cost of copper infrastructure has businesses exploring alternative technologies, such as Pots in a Box.

With tens of millions of POTS lines, CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) are not mandated to remove services, and with the rising cost of analog lines, businesses are replacing POTS lines with alternative technologies, such as Lumen Specialty Line Services.

Lumen Specialty Lines – POTS Replacement provides a fully managed and monitored solution supporting traditional phone lines for connectivity to alarm, elevator, fire, security, inventory, and other emergency lines.

Lumen Specialty Lines – POTS Replacement consists of the following:
  • Certified ATA: Supports multiple connections, powering phone, fax, fire, elevator, and more
  • Backup Connectivity: Acts as a backup in the event of circuit failure or as a primary connection through 4GLTE/5G services
  • UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply guarantees power protection in the event of a power outage

Lumen’s fully managed POTS Replacement services also include site survey, on-site installation, management and monitoring, and upgrades.

Customers can save up to 59% with Lumen Specialty Lines – POTS Replacement. UCC Networks with Lumen is now offering Try and Buy at one location for up to 8 lines. To learn more about Lumen’s Specialty Line Services, or sign up for the try and buy option, visit today.

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