Lumen Specialty Lines

Streamline and save when you upgrade aging POTS lines for alarms, elevators and other safety systems.

Certified ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor)

Power multiple connections, such as:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Elevator Lines
  • Phone Lines
  • Fax Lines
  • and more!

Backup Connectivity

Router acts as a backup in the event of circuit failure or as a primary connection through 4GLTE/5G services with 3 cellular carriers. It may also act as a light SD-WAN appliance.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted Power Supply for power protection in the event of a power outage, with options of either a 12-hour or 24-hour battery pack.

Fully Managed Solution

  • Site Survey
  • On-Site Installation
  • Upgrades Included
  • Management and Monitoring

Cost Savings

Customers who move away from copper lines towards alternative solutions, like Pots in a Box, can save up to 59%.

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