Microsoft continues to enhance Teams, the ultimate messaging app for real-time communication, messaging, and calling. In February 2023, Microsoft will be releasing Teams Premium, a new offering with enriched business branding, live transcription, artificial intelligence, and advanced webinar features.

Teams Premium has an expected list price of $10 per user per month, however official pricing will be available with General Availability in February.

Meeting Guides:

Microsoft will offer meeting guides, such as a client call, brainstorming meeting, or help desk call. Meeting guides will give leaders great control in adhering to company policies.

Meeting Branding:

Businesses will have greater flexibility with custom backgrounds and together modes for employees and customers.

Intelligent Recap:

Artificial Intelligence will make meetings more productive. Intelligent recap suggests action items for follow ups. With after meeting features, intelligent recap will create smarter recordings with auto generated chapters and insight into when a screen was shared, when a name is mentioned, who left a meeting early and when, as well as key moments.

Live Translation for Captions:

Attendees can enjoy live translated captions from 40 spoken languages.

Advanced Meeting Protection:

Teams Premium users will now have watermarking options to determine leaks, manage who can record, and keep discussions private.

Rich Analytics:

With Teams Premium, customers will have advanced analytics with usage trends, history of virtual appointment experiences, and effectiveness like no-shows and wait times at the staff, department, and organization levels.

Advanced Webinars:

Teams Premium will provide new host controls and event management controls. Advanced Webinars deliver a high-quality experience with the following features:

  • Registration Waitlist and Manual Approval
  • Custom Registration Start and End Time
  • Automated Reminder Emails
  • Customized Presenter and Attendee Experiences
  • Virtual Green Room
  • Management of what attendees see

Microsoft continues to invest in collaboration technology simplifying real-time communications for the world. — Oscar Reyes, founder of UCC Networks

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