The digital transformation journey starts with automation and digitizing the workforce. The powerful Intelligent Virtual Agent improves the customer experience by providing 24/7/365 support through automated interactions and fast answers to everyday questions.

Embracing a digital workforce for self-service AI driven virtual agents reduces calls, handle time, and overall cost by over 90%.

Here are a few great examples:
Multiple Channels –Customers demand flexibility to get help beyond calling a support desk. The rise of chat bots embedded on a website, communication with social media, and SMS text message inquiries have augmented traditional customer support.

Sales Engagements – Businesses want a simplified buying experience. The salesman role is diminishing as customers want a low-hassle experience procuring a product or service. With AI, businesses can reduce their overhead cost and provide discounted sales pricing. The rise of AI in e-commerce with embedded social media communications is enhancing sales engagements.

Automation Processes – Intelligent Virtual Agents could help offload basic requests such as order status and shipping, with the goal to increase self-service. AI reduces handle times, hold times, transfers, and support with low-end call deflection solutions.

Language Translation – Corporations are always looking to break international market barriers. Intelligent Virtual Agent can use AI with national language processing to auto translate though chat bots, social media, SMS, and other marketing.

First Call Resolution – Give your customers answers to their questions using pre-built templates to build common tasks. In the event that AI does not answer a customer’s questions or the prebuilt FAQ does not meet a customer’s inquiries, AI will auto deflect to a live agent for those complex issues.

Business Outages – Businesses and providers can now build an Intelligent Virtual Agent to help automate outage reporting and notifications. Automation can be triggered through speech to text, text to speech, and can pull data from Google Maps to determine service areas impacted.

Why businesses should review IVA solutions

  • 81% of customers attempt to take care of the issues before reaching out to a live representative
  • 70% reduction of calls and/or emails after implementing an IVA solution
  • 85% of customers interactions will start with self-service in 2023

There are many use case studies on the benefit of investing in an Intelligent Virtual Agent. Customers can seek self-service and receive immediate answers without needing to speak with a live agent.

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