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Poly Phones for RingCentral

Poly CCX 400
Poly CCX 500
Poly CCX 600
Poly CCX 700
Poly VVX 150
Poly VVX250
Poly VVX 350
Poly VVX 450

2 Buying Models with UCC Networks:

Customer Premise Equipment as a Service

UCC Networks offers CPEaaS or Customer Premise Equipment amortized over a term. Customers who prefer Opex vs Capex may take advantage of simplified billing.

UCC Networks offers multiple monthly options, ranging from 12-36-month terms. Bundle hardware and save by streamlining with predictable cost.

Upfront/Non-Recurring Charge

Procuring hardware upfront has its advantages. Purchasing hardware as an NRC removes barriers and financing charges.

Acquiring hardware as a one-time cost reflect expenses an organization incurs for future benefit and tend to be less expensive over the life of the hardware.

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