Zoom Events

Create virtual experiences with the all-in-one platform from Zoom Events. Create an interactive attendee experience for high engagement participation with Zoom.

Zoom Events

Build Your Own Event

Self-service event platform

Booths can be used for sponsors, product demo, and marketing functions

Manage Registrations

Customize registration with enhance e-commerce options

Set a number of free and paid tickets per event

Host a Range of Events

Host your events in a pre-recorded format (on-demand), live, public, private or as a single, multi-session event

Foster Connections

Engage attendees through virtual networking

Exchange information, collaborate through chat, and initiate meetings

Decide with Data

Enhanced reporting to gauge attendee interaction, boost performance during event, and improve your virtual events

Business Integrations

Integrate with business applications such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and interactive tools

Zoom: The Ultimate Engagement Platform

Plan your ultimate event with UCC Networks

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